WiseUp 365: Smart Money System

Why Am I Still Broke?

According to a study by Career Builder, 78% of working Americans live paycheck to paycheck. Living pay check to pay check is like walking a daily tight rope above a sea of hungry alligators. One bad move, and it’s all over.

Now is a perfect time to ask yourself, “Why am I still broke? and Why am I still living paycheck to paycheck?”

The Wise-Up365 Smart Money System focuses on the fundamentals including your mind-set and your behavior. You’ll be introduced to a simple, month-to-month, organized system that’s easy for your whole family to understand and follow.

It is not a get rich quick plan, but this easy to follow system can help you get to a stable place, so you can breathe and think about building wealth.

Money stress hinders us from being our best. Take a look at the short video, and see why Tangela created the Wise-Up 365 Smart Money System. It changed her family’s financial life!

Now is the time to improve this area of your life, so get your Smart Money System, and get started!

Wise-Up Smart Money System— $39.95 ea.
-1 Wise-up Binder-System, 4-Week Instructions, DVD, Financial Forms

Wise-Up Smart Money System—Small Group Set- $429.95—GREAT VALUE!

Great for Church Groups, Lunch and Learn Corporate Events, Community Civic Groups

  • 12 Wise-up Binder Systems, 4-Week Instructions, DVD, Financial Forms
  • Facilitator’s Power Point w/Instruction Notes

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